VOCOPRO Wireless Headset Microphone, 14.00 x 18.00 x 24.00 (DIGITAL-PLAY-16)


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  • Sixteen wireless Body packs with headsets and lapel mics each channel has a dedicated XLR output and volume control
  • Stable analog transmission via 900MHz frequency band 24-bit digital Technology delivers a clean, professional quality signal
  • Individual digital microphone IDs eliminates channel Cross-Talk wide frequency response (50 – 20, 000 Hz) ensures natural sounding vocals
  • Sixteen balanced XLR outputs available four ¼” mixed outputs available
  • Brackets included for mounting in a rack case receiver dimensions (W/o brackets attached): 17.00″W x 3.50″H x 5.25″D
Vocopro 16Channel Uhf Digital Hybrid,VOCOPRO HYBRID-PLAY-16 16-Channel UHF Digital Hybrid Wireless Headset & Lapel Mic System

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Weight 40.05 oz
Dimensions 40 × 23 × 16 in


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